# 181 “Email Us”

This week we discuss;

New Releases for the week:

2016 Video Game Release Schedule

EA Asks About Interest in Dragon Age Tactics

Undying Dying Light Support

Warren Spector Joining Otherside for System Shock 3

Fallout 4 DLC Plans; Season Pass Price Jump

Gone Gold – Quantum Break

The Walking Dead: Michonne Pre-purchases

Elite Dangerous Arena Launches

Street Fighter V Released

Rocket League Banning Cheaters

Need for Speed PC Specs

Sniper Elite 4 Spotted?

SEGA Freebies

More SEGA Freebies

GameStop CEO says PlayStation VR will launch in the autumn

Vulkan 1.0 Specs

Indie Devs vs Cheapskates

Firewatch Developer Offers Classy Response To Steam Refund Request

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