# 146 “Red Vs. Green”

This week we discuss;

2015 Video Game Release Schedule – News – www.GameInformer.com
Free Content Coming to Gauntlet
Popular World of Warcraft Bot Creators Planning Comeback
Overwatch Trailer
Need for Speed Reboot This Autumn
CDPR on Witcher 3 Graphics Downgrades
Blade & Soul Coming West This Winter
25,000 H1Z1 Bans
Take-Two Results: GTA5 Sells 52M Units
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Trailer
NVIDIA Under Attack Again for GameWorks in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Leaked AMD Fiji Card Images Show Small Form Factor, Water Cooler Integration
AMD’s high-bandwidth memory explained
Steam Top 10
Standby for a price jump… – Comcast HSI

Our controversial topic this week;

nvidia gameworks….  Good for the industry or Bad for everyone involved (including green team owners)?

Mark my word if we don’t stop the nvidia GameWorks anticompetitive practice you will start to see games that are only exclusive for one GPU over the other

More NVIDIA Gameworks Controversy

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